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Fondly remembering an old college classmate

One of my college classmates passed away last month. Detrice Shepherd-Sims, a Uniontown native, died four days before turning 51.  Her death took me by ... Read more

Council, mayor must proceed with caution on SPD complaint

The recent letter penned by unnamed officers of the Selma Police Department (SPD), which called into question SPD Chief Kenta Fulford’s capacity to “adequately lead” ... Read more

When ‘the poor’ become a talking point

Full disclosure: I am an unrepentant supporter of legalized gambling in Alabama – not because of all of the funding it would generate for education ... Read more

Kudos to Mayor Perkins, City Council for making March 15 F.D. Reese Day

The Selma City Council and Mayor James Perkins Jr. gave the biggest tribute to Civil Rights Icon Dr. Frederick D. Reese on Tuesday night. At ... Read more

Dallas County basketball shines despite the COVID-19 pandemic

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Dallas County is quietly rising as a hotspot for high school basketball. Keith High, Meadowview Christian School, Morgan Academy, Dallas County, ... Read more

Saban supplanted Bryant as best college FB coach in 2017

Nick Saban did not need a win over Ohio State to become the greatest college football coach ever. In my opinion, Saban surpassed Bear Bryant ... Read more

This is the cost

It’s difficult to know where to begin in assessing the unconscionable unrest that unfolded at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, during which thousands of extremists ... Read more

A truly ominous sight

I come to you now for the third time in what has unexpectedly turned out to be one of the most historic weeks in my ... Read more

NCAA needs to rebuild the College Bowl system immediately

The NCAA really needs to rebuild its College Bowl System. When the College Football Playoff format was introduced seven years ago, the bowl structure became ... Read more

Doing my part when my time comes

In April 1985, at just over two years old, doctors opened my stomach, removed my polluted and defective liver and replaced it, making me one ... Read more

Flood risk study ongoing, will be boon for city

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is conducting an ongoing Flood Risk Management Study in Selma, which moved into its next phase with the ... Read more

Our digital dialogues are demeaning decency

The wind, kicking up bits of polluted sand and various chunks of refuse and litter, was harsh against my face, but I lowered my shoulder ... Read more

A Tragic Milestone: Murders in Selma have now topped last year’s numbers – something’s gotta give

Two Black bodies were found shot to death on Ceola L. Miller Avenue over the weekend, pushing the number of people murdered in Selma this ... Read more

The grand birth of Ain’tsgiving

The mechanics of genetics, mysterious in method, saw fit to distill the sarcasm and cynicism that bubbles over in my wife and I into two ... Read more

HOLD TIGHT: Council must not repeal rule requiring approval of certain purchases

The new Selma City Council, as well as Selma Mayor James Perkins Jr., are obviously working diligently to foster unity between the city’s executive and ... Read more

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