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Selma voted for experience in mayoral contest – let’s hope it does the same in Senate race

While a lot of attention is being paid to this year’s presidential contest, which has shaped up to be one of the most contentious in ... Read more

When it’s all said and done

Tuesday’s runoff election feels like the culmination of a years-long campaign, the period at the end of a long and rambling sentence that, in the ... Read more

We need to expand healthcare to rural Alabamians and new technology shows the way

If there is one single concern unifying Americans, it’s our health. This is especially true during a pandemic, but it transcends our current situation. At ... Read more

Former Alabama QBs hold different positions with NFL teams

For the first time in 35 years, the University of Alabama has three quarterbacks on NFL rosters at the same time. AJ McCarron, Tua Tagovailoa ... Read more

The endorsement I never intended to make

For some reason, my integrity as a journalist has been called into question lately – not by name most often, but in comments which allege ... Read more

SEC Football opens under COVID-19 cloud

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) football season gets underway today for only a 10-game league schedule. Second-ranked Alabama travels to Missouri at 6 p.m. and will ... Read more

Can’t wait for SEC Football to start at end of September

I learned a valuable lesson during the opening week of college football. When it comes to college football, the SEC is my favorite conference. I ... Read more

Prayer needed to heal Dallas County and rest of U.S.

Residents in Selma and Dallas County will have plenty of opportunities to participate in a Community Prayer revival this month. Churches in the city of ... Read more

Kudos to Selma AIR, LIFT Ministries, BlackBelt wellness

Three organizations in Dallas County should be commended for giving back to the community. LIFT Ministries, Selma AIR and Blackbelt Wellness Center all teamed up ... Read more

The Selma that Fox News will never understand

Selma gets trotted out a lot by Democratic politicians seeking to garner favor with progressive voters by conjuring up memories of the valiant march across ... Read more

The art of obstruction, obfuscation and destruction

If the City of Selma were a living, breathing human – her heart near historic Tabernacle Baptist and the Edmundite Missions’ headquarters, her legs extending ... Read more

Defund Congress: Lawmakers might better represent the people if forced to live their struggles

As millions remain unemployed and the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and wreak havoc on nearly every sector of American life, from the economy and ... Read more

When candidates talk, pay attention to the road map and not just the destination

The art of political speech is one that nearly every keen observer of the game understands, though few are adept at its execution – it’s ... Read more

A late night walk through a beautiful and terrible garden

Many of my childhood days were spent on my grandfather’s farm and, for better or worse, I became quite adept at the often-brutal tactics required ... Read more

Selma’s celebration for John Lewis provided personal milestone

Having a role in the city of Selma’s tribute to Civil Rights Icon and longtime Congressman John Lewis last Saturday was the last thing I ... Read more

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