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NPG Contract headlines Selma City Council Work Session

The Selma City Council Work Session was headlined by Mayor James Perkins Jr.’s veto of a contract for services with NPG, LLC on Thursday at City Hall.

At the last City Council meeting on July 13, the nine-member council approved contract for services  with NPG, LLC for consulting services as a Community Liaison for $30,000 that would begin in July until January 21, 2022.

City Attorney Major Madison told the council that Perkins had the right to veto and the council had the right to override.

Young replied that a mayor in a city with population over 12,000 can veto a resolution or ordinance, but not a contract, according to the

Alabama League of Municipalities.

Young said all it takes for approval is a majority by council vote. He also said that the council will vote on the contract at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

Perkins disagreed with the council decision. He sent the council a memo regarding the subject.

“I strongly suggest the council read my memo and we can discuss this,” Perkins said.  “This decision has major consequences. The decision you make could destroy the Selma Police Department.”

When asked by Perkins to respond, Selma Police Chief Kenta Fulford declined comment. Several other SPDS also attended the work session.

The other big news of the work session involved the drainage line between Lauderdale Street and Selma Avenue.

Engineer Ray Hogg sent a letter to Perkins and Public Works Director Henry Hicks about solving the solution.

Hogg addressed the council  and it would cost over $166,500 to fix. He added that it would take two 24-inch pipes, one at Selma Avenue and the other at Dallas Avenue.

“If we fix the problem, none of us will be around when it tears up again,” Hogg joked.

Perkins said the cost can come from the Oil Lease, which is $213,000.

The council will decide at the City Council meeting.